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White Oak Bark Tea: Kidney Stones

Herbal remedies today are slowly beginning to regain popularity as more people grow awareness for the many healthy benefits that they have to offer. As an herbal tea, white oak bark is no different offering many advantages and health benefits to those that drink it. Among the many uses it has to offer, white oak bark tea is commonly used to help relieve and lessen the occurrence of kidney stones.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones develop from small hardened deposits of minerals and acid salts that are often times accompanied with pain when the pass through the system. There are many causes behind developing a kidney stone, though eighty percent of those affected by them are male. Although some stones can form and pass with few or no symptoms, others can cause obstruction in the system and lead to painful symptoms.


For those that are affected by kidney stones the best thing to do is to seek medical advice from your doctor. Although many cases of kidney stones do not require treatment or medications, more serious cases may call for medicinal treatments. In the most severe cases, surgery may be needed in order to rid the system of larger kidney stones that cannot safely pass through the body.

How White Oak Bark Tea Can Help

White oak bark tea is often used as a form of treatment for those that suffer from kidney stones. Studies have shown that consumption of the bark as a tea can help dissolve kidney stones and inhibit bacteria accumulation which can prevent further kidney stones from developing. This is because white oak bark contains many minerals and vitamins which are useful in helping to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones in the body.

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